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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Oct 6th

Today was an interesting day, aside from my normal school routine I had an appointment with a customer I had previously helped. Apparently the solution I worked out for her was good but made another problem for her.

She had Microsoft Office 2007 and it was bugging out on her. When she turned on her computer she could open Microsoft Word once, and then any other further attempts would result in the program freezing. With little to no help from the general technical groups I search for this sort of thing I had to uninstall and reinstall it. Doing so took little effort but upon completing the installation the error continued. So it was decided to install Open Office Org on her computer in place of Microsoft Office; Usually this is a reasonable and great substitute for Microsoft Office. This all happened on my last visit to her place.

This time around she introduced me to the new problem, being that her printer would not scan documents to Email anymore. It took me a little while, but what I understood was the printer was scanning the documents and actually creating word document files from them, perfectly typed and editable documents. This functionality was lost when Microsoft Office was uninstalled, because the printer would only interface with that program. A reinstall would be simple enough, but she had thrown away the discs because they were no longer useful to her. Luckily I was able to save her CD-Key from the product, but Microsoft has since discontinued downloads of 2007 from their website and getting a trial or download to work from would be impossible. In the end I cleaned up her computer of some other troubles it was having and suggested she ask a friend for a copy of the Microsoft Office she had(since she has a key this would not be illegal for her to do).

Not all repair jobs I've done end out working, computers can be really quirky and hard to deal with sometimes. Oddly stubbornness is not only a trait reserved for humans, but our creations as well!


christopher said...

sounds like a busy day. i hate when computers have issues :(

The Square Circle said...

god. if i had to deal with computer issues as my job.. i would die.

Ceedo said...

Justice prevails again.

zG Chris said...

Sounds like a fun day. haha

ikatashi said...

computer problems sure are weird, but they tend to be simple enough to figure out, unfortunately people rarely attempt to use any amount of effort to do so

OC-STEVEN said...

ya computers are alot of trouble